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问题 1.what gets larger,the more you take away?什么东西你拿走越多,反而越大? 2.what goes on four legs in the morning,on two at noon,and on three in the evening?什么走路开始用四条腿,后来用两条腿,最后用三条腿? 3.what do we get if

Two little brothers,live near each other.One lives on one side,the otherlives on the other side.They hear what you say,but they don't see each other. (打一感觉器官)两个小兄弟.住在对面.一个在这边.一个在那边.他们听到你说的话.但他们看不到对方

谜面:⒈ what month do soldiers hate? ⒉ how many feet are there in a yerd? ⒊ why is an empty purse always the same? ⒋ what book ha the most stirring chapters? ⒌ what kind of dog doest't bite or bark? ⒍ what is the smallest room in the world?

谜语十则1.have you heard the saying: what goes up must come down? well what goes up and never goes down? thunder comes before my lightning. my lightning comes before my rain. my rain dries up all the land it touches. what am i?

I have no arms and no hands.But I have four legs and a back.I can stand,but I can 't walk.What am I?----A table.没有臂膀没有手, 但我有四条腿和一个背. 我能站,但不能走. 请问我是谁? 迷底:桌子


1.what falls often bue never gets hurt ? snow2.what is dark but is made by light? A shadow3.I have cities but no houses,forests but no trees ,river but no water,what am I? a map

1.what month do soldiers hate 2.what kind of dog doesnot bite or bark 3.what is the smallest room in the world 4.what kind of water should people drink in order to be healthy 答案:1.March 3月 (March有行军的意思) 2.Hot dog(热狗) 3.Mushroom.(蘑菇最小) 4.fresh water(淡水)

1.What month do soldiers hate?--March (三月,行军)2.How many feet are there in a yard?--It depends on how many people stand in the yard. (码,院子)3.Why is an empty purse always the same?--There is no change in it. (零钱,变化)4. | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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