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announcement .n宣告, 发表, 一项公告, 一项私人告示例句:announcement of library holdings馆藏报道What's the announcement about?广播说的是什么?A public announcement; a proclamation.公告公开的通告;公告Did you hear the announcement?你听见通知了吗?make known; make an announcement.使为人所知;作出宣告.

take note of:vt.注意Please take note of our signature,and regard no others as genuine.请记下我们的签名,其它签名均属无效.Please take note of this announcement.请注意

1. 短的 英文有:shortshortestshorebrieferbriefest2. 网络释义 专业释义 short brevShort kruz bajo3. 短语短卸的 shortlanded具短尖的 mucronate ; mucroniform短答的英文 A short reply in English ; A short English ; Short answer in English

announcement 通告,广而告之,平常情况下的通告 declaration 宣言,很正式的公告(比如有关国家外交的)

announcement公告复双语对照词典结果:announcement[英][nansmnt][美制][nansmnt]n.宣告; 通告; 布告; 预告; 复数:announcements例句:1.An announcement is expected within the next few months. 预计最终结果将在未zhidao来几个月内宣布.

等了两个小时的通知说我的飞机已经取消中文翻译有点怪 中文不是太好 我选 B觉得A怪怪的 但是在加拿大应该是用A 例句 this announcement was made in the morning楼上 it has been five year since i begin learning

notice sb doing看见某人正在做某事,notice sb do看见某人已经做了某事

From the Urban dictionary: Unevent1) 无人赴约的会:an event that was poorly planned or was seen as being uninteresting so no one shows up for it.2) 无通知的会:any event that goes unnoticed. As compared to a non-event where people


你好!notice 英[nts] 美[nots] n. 注意; 预告; 布告; 警告; vt. 注意; vt. 通知; 注意到; 留心; 关照; [例句]People should not hesitate to contact the police if they've noticed anyone acting suspiciously如果发现形迹可疑的人,应该马上报警.

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