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A as well as B表示“既B且A,不但B而且A”作主语时,谓语应与第一个主语A在人称和数上保持一致,翻译时,先译后者,后译前者

as well 也 句末,前面一般无逗号. 肯定句,疑问句as well 在口语中也可用于句中,作“也好,也行”或“倒不如”解,用来缓和语气.如:You may as well go.你去也好.The weather was so bad that we might(just)as well have stayed at home.

too, as well和 also用于肯定句和疑问句,too和as well多用于口语,一般放在句末,而also多用于书面语,一般放在句中与动词连用.either 用于否定句和否定的疑问句,往往放在句末.如: He went there too. He didn't go there either. I like you as

as well 当“也”讲,相当于“too”或“also”not onlybut also句式就可以说成not onlybut as wellas well as 是“以及”的意思,类似与“and”as well一律放在句尾as well as 放在句中

不能!as well和too 都有"也"的意思, 但是之间的用法有些许不同, 具体如下: 1.too: 一般置于句尾,或作为插入语放在句中,只能用于肯定句,口语中与"also"通用.例如: He thinks the other way is better. I do, too(他认为那个方法好一

a as well as b,相当于 a and b; he gave me money as well as/and advice. 译:他除了给我忠告外,并给我钱. as well 也.一般用于句末.与用于句末的,too.用法类似. i like eating meat as well/too. 我喜欢吃肉,水果也可以.

too:一般放在句尾,可用逗号和前面的句子 隔开,也可不用; also:其位置大多放在be动词、助动词、情态 动词之后,实义动词之前; as well:其位置一般放在句尾,三者可以作同 义句转换.You need to go shopping and I need to go shopping, too. =You need to go shopping and I also need to go shopping. =You need to go shopping and I need to go shopping as well.

一般放句末,放中间用做as well as.

用于句首的通常应是as well as,其基本义为“和”“以及”“而且”.举例如下:As well as breaking his leg, he hurt his arm. 他不仅摔断了腿,而且还伤了胳臂.As well as eating a seven-course meal, they drank three bottles of wine.除吃了一顿有七道菜的饭之外, 他们还喝了三瓶酒.

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