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By All mEAns

意思是:当然可以别人请求对方做事时若愿意则说:by all means 补充:意思为“务必,尽一切办法”时例:We must finish it by next week by all means.我们一定得在下星期前完成.放句末,语气比较强烈.

means是途径.方法的意思 by all means 是用尽一切方法

用尽方法 不惜代价

by all means意思是当然可以;一定,务必;只管;百般 一、当然可以1、If you can find a use for this old computer, by all means keep it. 如果你觉得这台旧电脑对你还有用的话,你当然可以留作己用.2、By all means try the jacket on, but I think it


当然可以; 一定,务必; 只管; 百般By all means. That was my intention.当然了,这正是我的目的.We need one more by all means.无论如何都要多一架!

你好,意思分别为:by no means 坚决不;绝对不可by any means 用一切可能的方法或手段去达到目的by all means 可以、没问题、务必满意请速采纳,多谢合作!

当然可以; 一定,务必; 只管; 百般例句:Try by all means to save the dying. 一定要尽力抢救那个垂危的病人.Go ahead by all means. 你只管干下去.“Shall I ask him to come in?”“By all means.”“我请他进来好吗?”“当然可以.”

by 'all means used to say that you are very willing for sb to have sth or do sth 可以;当然行;没问题 : 'Do you mind if I have a look?' 'By all means.' "我看一眼行吗?" "当然可以." in 'any case whatever happens or may have happened 无论如 means of 译为“用,依靠,靠什么样的方法” 例: We shall solve this problem by means of law and education. 我们用法律和教育这两个手段来解决这个问题. no means 译为“绝不,一点也不,根本不” 例: Believe me, this is by

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