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go For A wAlk造句

Let's go for a walk after dinner, OK?

go for a walk造句,They always go for a walk after dinner,希望对你有用.

i want to go out for a walk.

he will go for a walk with the pet dog

陈:I went for a walk yesterday.问:Did you go for a walk?否:I didn't go for a walk.答:Yes,I did./No,Ididn't

go for a walk去散步, Let's go for a walk.让我们去散步吧.

I went for a walk last night.我昨晚去散步了 否定句:I didn't go for a walk last night.疑问句:Did you go for a walk last night?肯定回答:Yes,I did.否定回答:No,I didn't.

I often go for a walk after supper

take a walk

These days, in Nanjing city, taking a taxi to school is getting more and more fashionable among middle-school students. Some of them are children of businessmen who are relatively well-off. The parents of these children claim they can earn much

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