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likewise[英][lakwaz][美][lakwaz] adv.同样地; 也,而且; 例句: Likewise. Where are we putting him? 彼此彼此安排他住哪儿

都可以likewise ['laikwaiz] adv. 同样地;也例句1.Watch him and do likewise.(句末)留心看着他并且照样做.2.He is our friend and likewise our leader.(句中)他是我们的朋友并且也是我们的领袖.3.Likewise, it's pointless to write data in memory to a file.(句首)同样地,将数据通过内存写入到文件也是无意义的.


[英] [lkwz] [美] [lakwaz] adv. 同样; 以相似的方式 [例句] the programmes of study will apply from five years of age, likewise the attainment targets. 学习课程从(儿童)五岁起适用,学习目标也是这样

me too:译为 我也是.我也一样.abstract:"Me Too" is the title of a song co-written and recorded by American country music singer-songwriter Toby Keith. It was released in November 1996 as the third and final single from his album Blue Moon

likewise 和 similarly 同样地, 相同地 基本上没有区别.also 则有不同意思和用法:also 副词 还,亦,也,而且 Tom has been to Canada. Harry has also been to Canada. 汤姆去过加拿大. 哈里也去过. ★在口语中,多用 as well 或 too; 在否定句中,则用 either.连接词 = and. She was noble, also beautiful. 她很高尚,而且长得美. not only but also 不但…并且….

填likeIn like manner 是固定搭配,是“同样地”的意思.Likewise本身和In like manner意思相等.

原则上没有区别 英语是门语言 没有严格的区分我也经历过你这个阶段

likewise 副词,表示“同样地”,一般英文中表示“也”用在否定句中一般是用either的.

他人怎么样? 指的是这个人的为人 人品 what does he look like ?他长相什么样?what does he like?他喜欢什么

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