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offer to do sth 主动提出做某事 Tom offers to go out for dinner 汤姆主动提出外出吃晚餐

The teacher offerred to go camping yestarday.

He offered to give me a hand.他要给我提供帮助

I offer to clean the room.我的回答对你有帮助的话请采纳哦 谢谢 (●''●)

1.I attempt to persuade him to support my action.我试图说服他来支持我的行动.2.Maybe you can offer to do more chores around the house for some extra cash.或者你可以多做点家务来赚点零用钱.(主动提出做某

the corporation offers the customer with perfect service.公司为客户提供最完美的服务.

He gives me a good offer.

单词错误 a sense of humour: 幽默感 幽默感 造句: My teacher is interesting interested . He has a sense of humour. 我的老师很有趣.他很幽默. What he says shows that he is not without a sense of humour. 他说的话表明他并不是没有幽默感.

1. The table is too heavy for me to move.2. My main interest is listening to music.3. The textbook is offerred to finish the exercise.

可以这样造句:During this year, many yong men offer to do some voluntary work.在这一年里,许多年轻人主动提出做一些志愿工作.

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