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这和你的题意有关 outgoing是三个音节 加more理所当然 但是为什么有 much呢 因为题目要求选个程度更深的比较级 所以就用much来修饰 more

比较级:more outgoing 最高级:the most outgoing 单词解析:outgoing 英 ['at] 美 ['ato] adj. 爱交际的;友好的;外向的;将卸任的;离职的;向外的;离开的 v. 走得比…远;优于;赛过;比…速度快 例句:He's not the

比较级 more outgoing 最高级 most outgoing 是在adj前加more or most

比较级:句: My brother is more outgoing than me.最高级:most outgoing, 例句: My brother is the mot outgoing among our 4 siblings.

more ,most

原形:outgoing;比较级:more outgoing;最高级:most outgoing.

more outgoing ; most outgoing

more outgoing ; most outgoing

more outgoing, most outgoingheavier, heaviestmore often, most often

i am elder than you. she is taller than him. she is cleverer than me. i am more beautiful than him. i run faster than him. she is more beautiful than any other girls in her class. she is as tall as him. i am as clever as her. she is not so short as him. | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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