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1.解释为"考虑" consider that+从句 疑问代词(I am comsidering where to go.)2.解释为"认为" consider sb. as sth. to be sth. sth.

consider [kEn5sidE] vt.考虑, 照顾, 认为 consider Consider means to think about.For example: If some comes to your with an proposition, you must consider before making any decision.考虑 consider AHD:[k…n-sd“…r] D.J.[k*n6

dispose verb (formal) [VN +adv./prep.] to arrange things or people in a particular way or position sb to / toward(s) sth to make sb behave in a particular way: [VN] a drug that disposes the patient towards sleep [also VN to inf] Phrasal Verbs: dispose

CONSIDER: 1)对…评价;判断: considers waste to be criminal. 认为浪费是有罪的 2)To take into account; bear in mind: 考虑到;顾及: Her success is not surprising if you consider her excellent training. 如果你考虑过她所受的良好训练,你

watch[wCtF]n.注视, 注意, 手表, 看守, 守护, 监视, 值班人vt.看, 注视, 照顾, 监视, 警戒, 守护, 看守vi.观看, 注视, 守侯adj.手表的, 挂表的watchwatchAHD:[wch] D.J.[wKt.]K.K.[w$t.]v.(动词)watched,, v.intr.

1.affectvt.影响The tax increases have affected us all.加税已经影响了我们所有的人.感动The audience was deeply affected.听众被深深地打动了.假装He affected not to see me.他假装没看见我.2.challengen.挑战, 邀请比赛;怀疑, 质问;艰

perhaps: [ p'hps ] ad. 也许,可能 例句与用法 1. perhaps i am wrong, but i think she is near forty. 也许我错了,但是我想她快四十岁了. 2. such a mistake would perhaps lead to disastrous consequences. 这样一种错误可能导致灾难性的后果.


They are easy to dispose of 这句话后面不需要加宾语. dispose of 可以接名词性成分也可以接名词, dispose 只可接名词.

读音:英 [mebi] 美 [mebi] 释义:作副词时意为“也许;可能;大概”,作名词时意为“可能性;不确定性”.用法:maybe是副词,意思是“也许、可能”,在句中作状语,相当于perhaps,常位于句首.用来说明自己也不太确定.例

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